October 19, 2016


PBI mission is to provide high-quality accelerated online ministry education programs where orthodoxy meets orthopraxy, especially to older and upcoming ministers that need quality Bible school training; mature Christians and ministers that need to improve their knowledge of the Scriptures and be equipped to teach and mentor others.

Busy ministers who need an accelerated undergraduate or post-graduate degrees for greater ministry influence and impact, mid-career professionals who desire quality theological training, and career individuals called into full-time ministry, bi-vocational ministers, and lay persons interested in developing their theological knowledge will also benefit from PBI unique programs. Our academic programs are flexible and purposely designed to suit many people in need of practical theological and Christian leadership training.

Welcome to Pacific Bible Institute!



Pacific Bible Institute is para-denominational, a free-standing institute that trains students across different denominations and generations. The utilization of modern information dissemination and peer-sharing technologies ensures that we can deliver quality academic programs around the world and most times on face-to- face interactions. Moreover, you can study anywhere at any time with a computer linked to the internet.

To ensure you can study whenever you need to without the pressures of regular semester-based schools, all of our programs are self-paced, and not structured into semesters, terms or quarters. Almost all of all our programs are designed to be completed off-campus using simple file transfers and Microsoft programs. On some occasions we offer face-to- face on-sight interactive workshops to students living near our city; as well as utilizing the power of online conference/webinar software for students anywhere in the world who may require online, face-to- face interactions. The purpose is to ensure we meet the goal of all our students through their unique learning styles. Our student can start and enroll in any of the programs we offer that they are qualified at any time they wish. You can CLICK TO APPLY. Apply Now!