October 22, 2016

Learning Partners

Pacific Bible Institute maintains an official partnership with HOPE Bible Institute to offer some of our courses. This partnership opens up more doors of opportunities for PBI to meet the various academic and Christian education needs of our students. Through HOPE Bible Institute, we have secondary partnerships with many other credible institutions whose services and programs are uniquely designed to meet the various needs of our students worldwide.



New Covenant Institute of Theological Studies
Evangelical Order of Pastoral Counselor – EOCPC
Master’s International School of Divinity (Associate – Doctorates)
Bibleway Institute of Christian Counselling and Theological Studies
Canadian Christian Clinical Counselors Association (C.C.C.C.A.)
Canadian Christian Theological Seminary (Associate – Master)
Mount Olive Seminary –MTOBIS (Associate – Doctorates)
Cornerstone Christian University (Associate-Doctorates)