October 19, 2016


Pacific Bible Institute is NOT yet a degree granting school.  However, through our various partnerships and affiliations we are able to help students earn various degrees offered by them.

Pacific Bible Institute is an approved learning center for Masters International University of Divinity founded in 1999, in the State of Indiana and operated as a religious institution of higher learning by the 1975 A.G. Opinion No. 22 exclusion of IC-20-1-19-1.


MASTER’S International UNIVERSITY of Divinity is a Non-Profit Non-Traditional Christian Institution with memberships and Listings below:

(a).  Affiliate Membership with the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

(b). Certification with the Council of Private Colleges of America.

(c).  Membership with the Florida Council of Private Colleges.

(d).  Listed in the Evangelical Training Directory of the World Evangelical Alliance.

(e).  Listed in the Directory of the Ministry.

(f).   Bible and related courses approved by the Association of Christian Schools International.

(g).   Biblical counseling courses and degrees approved by:

  1. The American Academy of Biblical Counselors
  2. The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors


MIUD Academic and Institutional Partnerships:

  1. Bridges for Peace Institute for Israel Studies, Jerusalem Israel
  2. Columbia Southern University
  3. Gateway Biblical Counseling Training Center
  4. Institute for Creation Research School of Biblical Apologetics
  5. International Ministerial Fellowship
  6. Pure Life Ministries
  7. The Life Issues Institute

Master’s Learning Partnerships