October 19, 2016


During the last economic recession witnessed in almost every part of the world, one of the greatest investors alive today was asked a very important question: “where do you suggest people should invest in this tough economic crisis”? He shocked his hearers by responding:       “invest in yourself, you will never lose!” There is no doubt that the best place to invest your scarce resources is in empowering yourself.

If you sense the call of God upon your life or simply love to go deeper into the Word of God, we at Pacific Bible Institute are here to help you take the first step and support you until you step into your calling. We strongly believe that the cost of getting quality Christian education/ministry training should not stand in the way of the man or woman God has given an assignment. As men and women in the trenches of ministry, we understand the challenges of scarce resources and limited time to study. This is why we have designed our program in a way that fits your budget and accommodates your time constraints.

Our goal is to work with each student to ensure he or she starts and completes his or her program and get empowered to fulfill the Master’s assignment.

Due to low overhead cost and our ability to provide customized approach to training and mentoring students, we are able to offer a reduced tuition for all our students.

We also have several grants that will help to further make the Tuition more affordable to anyone ready to study under Pacific Bible Institute.

You will get the same quality education and degree from our affiliated universities, added with our one-to-one mentoring and guidance, but at a drastically reduced cost.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you get started as soon as possible.

Here are other ways we help lower your overall cost.

1. Low Monthly Tuition Plan with no interest

2. Credit Transfer and Life-learning credits

3. Access to digital textbooks to reduce your text book costs

4. Referral incentives when you recommend our program to others

5. Spouse incentives when you register your spouse as well

NOTE: There is an individualized consideration of admission and enrollment. Therefore, do not hesitate to request for free personalized information to get started. We are committed to helping you succeed in your pursuit of further Christian and Biblical education.



  1. Make a request for a free Personalized Evaluation by following this link. Apply Now!
  2. Then go ahead and complete the Preliminary Application.
  3. Once your requested program is approved, we will send you a link to complete the Enrollment Process
  4. When you complete your enrollment, we will get you started with your first course.
  5. As you draw near to the end of your program, we will send you the required information for your graduation

Do not delay, get started today! APPLY NOW FOR A PERSONAL EVALUATION!